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Services and Skill Building:


TAGV peer leaders are trained to provide information about gang involvement, guns, drug use, drug dealing, conflict resolution/management, violence prevention and diversity to themselves, peers, families and community. Training activities also include guest speakers and field trips to agencies such as hospitals, emergency rooms, penal institutions, schools, and community organizations.



We provide individual,group and family couseling,. utilizing a Cross Cultural Counseling , work with people youth and their families to adress issues of depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, school related issues,trauma,violence, and substance abuse. 



We raise awareness of the problems of gangs, guns, and drug-related violence; and help increase understanding of the underlying causes of violence, alternative courses of action, and heighten awareness of available community resources.



We encourage prevention by challenging widely held attitudes that support and tolerate violent, oppression and discrimination. Create opportunities for changing violent behaviors. Teach skills such as communication, stress management, sensitivity to difference, and conflict management/resolution necessary for creating and maintaining violence-free relationships. Provide ongoing information to primary and secondary schools and community programs.



We facilitate critical discussions of violence as it relates to the culture of violence in the U.S. The relationship of gang violence to racism, sexism, adultism, poverty, lack of educational or economic opportunity, and other forms of oppression.



Youth involved with the program receive academic assistance from university interns and volunteers. In addition, each TAGV member has an adult mentor who provides emotional, academic and social support to the young person.


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