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The philosophy of the TAGV program is based on Dr. Johnson’s belief that the root cause of all violence is the failure to appreciate the many diverse aspects of one’s self and that of others,including:color,culture, class, character, and context.  These form the model of the 5C’s of Awareness. 


Non-violence and good mental health can only be achieved by embracing the 5C’s, valuing differences, and supporting peace and justice for all. Through our confidence, courage, commitment, development of community, and willingness to face conflict, the 5C’s of Change, we will achieve true peace and justice


TAGV defines violence and menatl illness as “anything that an individual or group does to hurt oneself, another person,group or community.”  TAGV works to build self-esteem and a sense of hope, to prevent substance abuse, biases, involvement in violence, and any other destructive individual or community behavior. At the heart of the TAGV mission is the supposition that we all can be agents for change and transformation of our self, others, communities and the world.


TAGV and their supporters follow Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ belief that “True peace is not merely the absence of tension it is the presence of justice.”



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