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 Ulric Johnson:






Ulric Johnson is a community organizer focusing on the impact of “isms” and violence  affect  on youth, families, and communities. He specializes on the impact of color, culture, class, character and context on individual and group behaviors, especially as it relates to the prevention, progression and treatment of abnormal behaviors.


He is the founder and director of TAGV Transformation Awareness Growth Vision  (AKA)  Teens Advocating a Global Vission, and Teens Against Gang Violence, a peer leadership, youth and family program. 


For 8 years he served as the Assistant Dean/Campus Director of Springfield College: Boston Campus School of Human Services, where he continues to teach and contribute to the progress of the campus. He is also a former faculty member of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the Lesley College Center for Peaceable Schools and Communities.


He received his PhD in Cross Cultural Psychology from Southwestern University and his M.A in  Counseling Psychology and Counseling Education from Boston College.


He is  licensed in the following areas:

  •  Mental Health Counseling

  • Rehabilitation Counseling

  • Marriage and Family Therapy

  •  Alcohol and Drug Counseling


Also  Certified:

  • Addiction Specialist

  • Forensic Counselor

  • Board Certified Human Service Professional.


He is a local, national, and international organizer. He provides conusltation  and training on Cross Cultural Issues,  Substance  Abuse,  Addiction, Gang Violence Prevention and Youth Leadership Development. He is also actively involved in his local community, contributing to the development of various  coalitions and collaboratively working to bring  both a  Cross Cultural  and Public Health  Approach to issues  facing  youth, families and the community.


He refers to himself as an African Trin-Bagonian, because he is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. He presently lives in Dorchester, Boston MA.


Quote: “Commitment is focus, strategy, determination, and consistency driven by love, and grounded in knowledge” -

  From the “10C’s Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Transformation

By Ulric Johnson and Patti DeRosa




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